Norway – Openness and intimacy.

Norway is one of the Western nations that enjoy a rich abundance of dramatic natural wealth within its boundaries. These natural resources on the one hand account for a large share of Norway’s national income, in terms of oil reserves, but on the other hand allow for serenity of pristine natural reserves.

The Hardangervidda is a vast plateau that holds some of the most dramatic, diverse and uninhabited landscapes of Europe. It is also home to the ‘Hardingerjokulen’, a large glacier formation. The rough Norwegian climate makes this region only accessible during summer months, in which the days are almost continuous and the weather is reasonable.

When walking through these open fields, vast plains and swamps within the mountain ranges, you feel strangely ’at easy’. The openness of the landscape embraces you; allows you to invade, to experience and to take part in. The dynamic natural phenomena engage upon you presence as wind, rain, mist, snow and water form an intimate choreography in which impressions are meant to be temporal, unique and never lasting.


  • Huangshan; trees in winter
    Huangshan; trees in winter
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    Beautiful Beijing
  • Utopia/ Reality
    Utopia/ Reality
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    Moodboard_ Environment/ Future Habitat