“The garden incorporates a lotus pond, pavilions, and landscaped lawns, trees, and flowers. The surroundings and the palace itself are well matched. There are over 26,000 specimens of a hundred different species of trees in the garden and some of the trees behind the palace are now over 300 years [...]

In a world that is increasingly evolving around the fast and the ugly, we should go back to a future in which the necessity of the fast, is being replaced by an environment that brings excitement in a profound experience; lasting; true and intense. So, I spend a day away from haste, congestion, speed and chaos. It feels almost [...]

Vision Included is an interdisciplinary and internationally engaged practice that pro-actively engages in contemporary design discourse; designing the conditions of life. It is specialized in the field of architectural and urban (research)-projects. It will reverse the traditional architecture practice that re-actively follows market trends, towards a pro-active, socially responsible entrepreneurship that [...]

Stuck in a moment. The actual atmosphere of urban designs is to a large extent defined by its occupants. Within urban space it are eventually the people that activate space and define places. Identity is thus established by spaces that are designed to be inhabited, transformed and occupied. A strong [...]

Water divides and water creates. Streams of running water always have an amazing capacity to cut through landscapes, whether these are forests, mountains, plains or fields, the water cuts and divides the areas. In this way it enables specific identity and partitioning for the separated environments. Water also creates environments [...]

Norway is one of the Western nations that enjoy a rich abundance of dramatic natural wealth within its boundaries. These natural resources on the one hand account for a large share of Norway’s national income, in terms of oil reserves, but on the other hand allow for serenity of pristine [...]